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Katie + Jacob | Summergrove Estate Wedding

People always ask me what happens when it rains on a wedding day and I feel like from now on I’m just going to show them these photos as the answer. Katie + Jacob are extraordinary. The first contact I had from Katie came all the way from Antartica where she and Jacob were working at the time - she joked about having to wait painfully for all the photos on my website to load and I couldn’t be happier she did. 

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Sarah + Aaron | Summergrove Estate (Gold Coast Hinterland) Wedding

(CLICK TITLE TO VIEW) Could not have asked for more beautiful weather to match this wonderful couple! Blue skies, a little DIY, beautiful location, non-white wedding dress (THAT’S RIGHT, YOU HEARD ME! Wait til you see it!) kick ass dance moves and a hilarious bridal party made this one hell of a celebration. Everything down to the last little detail had Sarah and Aaron written all over it. She even handmade her own bouquets! These guys were awesome in front of the camera, even when I bugged them for more photos (Sorry Aaron!). Armed with buggies and these two love birds, it was a recipe for success – besides from somehow ending up being backed into a tree, twice. Summergove Estate was where they kicked off their marriage and followed through to party on through the night. And party on did they. Seriously some of the best dance moves I’ve ever seen. All round a faaaaantastic day and an absolute pleasure to be apart of. I wish you all the best and thank you for having me, I hope you love your memories as much as I loved creating them.

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