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Either you’re here because you’re engaged to the love of your life or you’re simply having a look around.. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you're here and find what you are looking for!

I started my wedding photography journey straight out of high school.. $50 if you can guess what year I graduated! You'd think that after years of being apart of weddings I would be tired of it.. you couldn't be more wrong. I still love seeing a bride's wedding dress for the first time, the groom's reaction always makes me smile and if you find me hiding behind my camera during speeches it may be because I'm either laughing or crying just as hard as you are.

Now.. I've been with my boyfriend for Steve for nine years.. nine years! And you bet I've imagined what our wedding day will be like.. what flowers I'll have.. the fact that he'll be in a Tuxedo and even where it will be.. I even imagine the kind of experience I'd like to have with my wedding photographer. THIS is what I want to give to my clients, what I would want as a bride! Something personal, not to feel like another number and to know my photographer well enough that on the day it isn't like a stranger taking the photos that one day I'll pass down to my grandkids. This is what I strive to deliver to every one of my LOBRIDES. An experience as beautiful and natural as their wedding day catalog itself.

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01  Let's become friends girl!

If you've made your way to this part of the website, looking into everything I have to offer, and you you're getting that "I think I've just found my wedding photographer" vibe than let's get talking! Dates book far in advance most of the time these days and LOBRIDES usually know what they want -romantic wedding photography with an amazing experience! So don't wait!

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02  Saving the date.

Yay!! You want to join the tribe! Now let’s make sure your date is safe and secure so that we can make this dream a reality!!! We’ll send you a custom online booking proposal where you can review your package and pay your deposit to make everything officially official! Now that you’re an official LOBRIDE I can send out your welcome pack!

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03   Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots are the bessssst way to get comfortable in front of the camera.. especially if you have a groom that hates the idea! They're also a fantastic way to get beautiful photos for things like your wedding website or 'Save the Dates'! You'll also get to see how I shoot and we can even go out for dinner or a sneaky Margarita before or after your shoot!

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04   Timelines!

This is it! One of, if not the most important thing in regards to your wedding - the timeline! About 8 weeks before the wedding date I'll sit down with all the information given to me from you and your other awesome vendors to make my own custom timeline. This means I know when and where we all have to be at all times and enables me to really relax and create beautiful images you'll cherish - timeline planning is imperative to a stress free and easy wedding day for everyone!

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05   Your Wedding Day (HOORAY!)

It’s here! It’s time to celebrate, relax and let us get to work! Whether you've booked the 'Short', 'Tall' or 'Grande' coveage option this day is going to be a blur to you and so we make it a priority to capture the traditional shots that every bride needs while also capturing the moments in between in a creative & unique way. One of my favourite parts of the wedding day is bridal portrait time! SO MUCH PRETTY! Two weeks after your wedding day, you’ll be featured on the Blog, making it easy to share around!

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06   Delivery and Album Design

8-10 weeks after your wedding your final delivery package will arrive! This is where you will receive everything - hundreds and hundreds of memories just waiting to be printed, shared and framed! Once you have this in your posession we can go ahead and design your heirloom album or 'LOMAG'!




Having a wedding photographer you get along with is such an integral part of your wedding day. The person who is going to document that sliver of your love story for generations to come and create images that bring back the memories every time you look at them. This is what I love to help my couples do, not to mention have a kick ass time celebrating but at the end of the day your wedding photographs are an investment.


And before you ask.. yes, I am always up for a sneaky hazelnut latte before anything is signed, sealed or delivered. I'm an open book so if I sound like your cup of coffee (or tea) then get in touch! I'd love to hear your love story.

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