Katie + Jacob

People always ask me what happens when it rains on a wedding day and I feel like from now on I’m just going to show them these photos as the answer. Katie + Jacob are extraordinary. The first contact I had from Katie came all the way from Antartica where she and Jacob were working at the time - she joked about having to wait painfully for all the photos on my website to load and I couldn’t be happier she did. 

She and Jacob work for the Bureau of Meteorology so it was somewhat poetic that just as Katie stepped out to walk down the aisle overlooking the Gold Coast the heavens opened upon everyone in a spectacular downpour. Looking through the photos whilst editing I couldn’t find one photo reflected the weather, I think the smile on Katie’s face was sunshine enough. They rolled with the punches, even after having to stop halfway through the ceremony to move it indoors but they didn’t let it bother them, they were too busy getting hitched! And they did it beautifully! I hope the photos show how much happiness and love there was throughout the entire day, you wouldn’t know most of Katie’s family didn’t speak English from the photos or that it was still raining outside, just that it was a great wedding day and night.

Before you start scrolling I just have to say a huge thank you to all the amazing vendors who also kept a cool head on the day and especially the staff at Summergrove Estate who are always so accomodating. Finally a massive thank you to Katie + Jacob for having Carmen and myself be apart of your day.. for the chocolate brownies and puppy cuddles with Missy and Bandy and overall being champions in front of the camera.. especially when I asked you to stand out in the rain, at night, in winter, on your wedding day.. as I said, you are champions! Lauren x