“We just don’t want a really ‘posy’ photographer.” She said to me as she picked up one of my expo pamphlets and flicked through the images. “And your work doesn’t look posed at all, we like that, it’s really natural.”

“Ahh, thank you so much! I do have to ask you something though..” Her eyes darted up with apprehension. “Is this your first time getting married?”


“Have you had your photo taken professionally before?”

“No - well, except for things like school and work photos, you know, those awkward just stand there and look here photos.”

“Haha, yes, those are the worst, aren’t they? The photographer doesn’t give any direction and you stand there like a stunned mullet trying to figure out what to do with your hands. It’s just awkward and you feel soooo awkward.”

“Yesss! Exactly! I NEVER know what to do with my hands!”

“Mmm, so wouldn’t it be more helpful if your photographer helped you get comfortable by giving you some direction? I’m not talking minute details or anything but just general things.. like where to put your hands?”

“Definitely! I think we will need direction to be honest.” She nodded and looked over her shoulder at her hubby to be who was also smiling with agreement.

“Cool.. well, I love to give my brides and grooms plenty of direction and encouragement.. and that’s all posing is! Direction!”

This is a conversation I actually had at the recent QLD BRIDES WEDDING EXPO two weeks ago and it really made me think.. why and how did ‘posing’ turn into such a dirty word!? You say posing to anyone and they turn their nose up and shake their head like they’d rather stick blunt things in their eyes. We photographers do it too! If I had a dollar for every time I saw in a Facebook group conversation or website bio ‘natural, unposed photos..’ I would be a millionaire!

So here’s my two cents.. I LOVE POSING! Or as I like to call it, direction! If and when Steve and I get a photoshoot done I would MUCH RATHER have the photographer behind the camera give me some tips. I can’t imagine getting to a beautiful location at the right time, all dressed up and suuuuper nervous to have the tog be like, “Oh yeah guys, just stand there.. yep.” And then not say anything throughout the entire shoot.

What do I do with my hands?
Is this stance ok or do we look like two people who have never met when we should look like two people head over heals in love!?
Excuse me?
Mr Photographer person..?
Do we kiss now?
How do I touch him?
Should I be touching him?
We’re kinda lost here and short of being told to simply stand there have no idea what you want from us!

NO. JUST, NO. This is NOT what I do with my couples. You don’t want posing but you want to look your best? That’s what I’m here for! Photos are made beautiful because your photographer is able to get you comfortable enough that they shoot you in your element with your other half, well, that’s how I see it anyways. People so often tell me within their first meeting, sometimes even their first email, that either they or their partner are extremely uncomfortable and hesitant with getting their photo taken.

So, wouldn’t you think direction would be a good thing!? The answer is yes! A thousand times yes!

Not once have I had a couple come back after getting their final photos and say, “Oh yeah, they’re beautiful and all but we just look so posed.” Anyone who has been photographed by me knows that I constantly talk behind my camera because and to be honest, not only do I love to chat, but I also do it because it’s what I would want if I was staring down the barrel of a Nikon! Reassurance that I’m looking smoking hot and confident and that my photos are going to burn holes in through my phone when I upload them to Instagram. Also so that when I look back years down the track I’m not looking at two blank faces who didn’t know how to have fun… HAVE A CANOODLE PEOPLE! Photos are meant to be fun! Just like anything to do with your wedding day, you have a plan, and so does your photographer - trust them! It’s not our first time and you obviously choose us because of how we shoot so let us do our thing and we will help you do yours! Candid moments will come from the photoshoot, the posing and direction given just makes them that more beautiful and polished.

Don’t take all of this and think I don’t shoot candid. I’d say on any given wedding day I shoot 70% candidly and 30% posed. It’s a sweet mix of the best of both worlds! Some couples need more direction, some less, it all just depends on how you feel on the day but know I am here to help! I won’t leave you hanging out on the line to dry like a pair of stunned mullets and unless you are both experienced models who have a stack of know how then I’m guessing you won’t mind some advice and tips..

If all of this sounds like something you’d hate then feel free to move along and find a more ‘hipster’ photographer but this girl right here, she loves to give direction and is ok with not being ‘one of the cool photographers’ if it means making imagery she loves and her clients do too.
(P.S there’s nothing wrong with ‘those’ photographers.. I’m just no where near that realm of shooting and that’s ok! Some people hate Pizza but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love it! Go with the photographer YOU want to! After all, they are capturing your wedding day through their eyes and how they see it!)


A ‘posed’ photo of Lauren + Chris on their wedding day at Austinvilla Estate.

A ‘posed’ photo of Lauren + Chris on their wedding day at Austinvilla Estate.

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

Lauren Olivia