When I first started shooting weddings I was fresh out of high school. I got a call from a friend who said he'd just booked me a ticket to New Zealand to shoot a wedding and that I'd be leaving in early September (it was August at the time!). Completely awe struck and a little nervous to say the least I said, "Umm, Ok." and that was it - my complete and total love for wedding photography was born.

The only problem was.. I'd never shot a wedding by myself.. EVER. What's that saying? Learn on your feet? Yeah, I did a lot of that during that trip and luckily I've found it's a strength of mine that has not only helped me be a better photographer, but a better creative in general! Weddings are always different and they live in a bubble that can so easily be popped if something goes wrong and when I started no one gave me a road map of what to do.. so I created my own! One thing I do know is that the more organised you are with your planning the less chance there is of things going awry on the day and the less stressed you will be if they do!

This is why my favourite kind of bride is AN ORGANISED ONE!

Now, most couples have never done this before and therefore don't know exactly where to start.. other than picking a date and a venue of course but after that's booked in.. what's next?

What's a wedding day timeline meant to look like?
Do you photograph the groom's prep and if so what does he need to have ready?
What makes for better photos?
What is this elusive 'Golden Hour' every photographer on the internet keeps harping on about?

These and so many more are the questions I would get asked by most brides during client meetings and I realised.. these poor ladies just need a road map like I did! So once again, I've made my own!!

NOW, before you read on, I must warn you.. this entire Bridal Guide was created solely for LOBRIDE's.. this means that anything written in the guide is by me and the way I shoot and work with my couples. This does not mean it's the only way photographers work or venues or hair stylists or planners.. this is simply a collection of my experiences and knowledge over the years all put into one easy space for my couples to go to whenever they need a little help! Questions like the ones above have been answered with articles and check lists such as..

How to Plan Your Timeline (As well as a breakdown of a sample one!)
A Prep Checklist for the Groom
A Prep Checklist for the Bride
The Golden Hour Explained
The First Look Handbook
Unplugged Weddings (Yay or Nay?)
Celebrant Advice



Handy, hey? I hope so! I'm so excited after months and months of creating this bad boy to finaaaaaaally be able to release it into the world and into the hands of so many 2018 onwards LOBRIDE's! Now, go forth my Pinterest addicted friends and plan, plan til' your hearts content!! I'll be over here sipping my frozen Strawberry Margarita if you need me..



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Lauren Olivia