Romantic Beach Engagement | Remii + Lachlan





So whenever I meet a couple or even chat over email I do this weird thing.. I pre visualise what kind of location and photos I think will best reflect both them and their relationship, not to mention will look amazing! It's like I've already created a catalog of their images in my head just without the raw emotion and candid moments which are always a wonderful surprise! After reaching out and chatting to Remii and Lachlan on Instagram about their engagement shoot I did a bit of stalking and almost instantly knew where I could picture their photos.. The only problem being it was a two hour drive from Brisbane and these two are possibly the busiest 20-something-yearolds I've ever met!!

Having met as teenagers, it was so sweet to see how their relationship has obviously grown as they too have grown up into two of the most headstrong but genuine humans ever! After dating for six years they headed to Bali where whilst poolside and enjoying a bit of Vitamin D Lachlan popped down on one knee and asked that question..

Thank you so much guys for spending the day chasing the winter sun with Steve and I!
We so appreciate how willing you were to do everything we suggested which included..

  • Driving 2 hours to the location I suggested after having to reschedule the shoot due to wet weather!
  • Climbing fairly steep, sharp and slippery rocks with no shoes on..
  • Laying down on the sand for an extended period of time whilst European tourists walked around you half (and at one point fully naked!! Yep.. true story!)
  • Climbing more steep and even more spikey rocks once again just at a higher level..
  • Standing in the freezing cold water whilst lifting your fiance into the air and managing to look like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel..
  • Defying death and climbing (shocker!) out to the fartherest point of the cliff face and again trusting my judgement..

All of this was done without hesitation or complaint either! Who needs a gym when you book and engagement session with me, eh? But seriously, thank you so much again and the biggest congratulations to you both! I can't wait to see what beautiful things the future holds for both of you!!

// P.S How painfully photogenic are these two.. it hurt me to look at them at some points..





Lauren Olivia