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small town girl, big city dreams


So I could ramble on about how I got started in photography and if you really want to know I'll pop that story below! However, I'm thinking you arrived at my 'About' page to find out about exactly that.. about ME - as both a photographer but mostly as the person who you will spend a great deal of time with on your wedding day!

The first thing to know about me is I wear my heart on my sleeve with everything I do.. I adore sappy love stories and am a serious ugly 'co-cryer'. I invest everything into my couples because I want to create an experience that means they'll be comfortable in front of my camera on their wedding day. I often use gibberish words such as 'canoodle' and 'doodad' and I talk waaaay too fast even for my family sometimes and at the ripe old age of 23 I have discovered I have grey hairs!

I've never been good at Maths or logical things but ask me to create something from nothing and I'm your gal! DIY projects are no joke around here and travel is part of the reason I breathe.. Pizza and at home movie nights with my highschool sweetheart, Steve, are a regular part of my week and I find it hard to enter a Kmart without buying half the shop - this also applies to Kikki K! I live my #authenticlauren life on Instagram stories and won't apologise for how much I post about my two doggos, Rosie and Millie.

If you want to meet up for a chat my favourite food haunts are Max Brenner (Salted Caramel milkshake - yes please!), anywhere that serves a good Margarita, American food or Supreme pizza. If you are looking for someone who loves what they do fiercely and will be the one to help pick bugs from your dress, make sure your lipstick isn't smudged and have a laugh with on your wedding day I'd love to hear from you!




More than taking photos

I feel like there is a stigma that comes with wedding photographers sometimes and that is that all we do is click a button and go home. If that’s who you want to hire, a stranger behind a camera then go for gold but that’s not what I am. I am however the person that will help pluck bugs out of your tule, make sure your lipstick isn’t smudged and snap the groomsmen into attention when they start getting a tad rowdy. I invest in my couples and love what I do fierceley - I wouldn't want to do anything else.


High school sweethearts.

That’s how long we have been lucky enough to be best friends and partners in crime. Steve and I share a mutual love for binge watching movies and tv shows and food.. lots and lots of food. Also travel! He - unlike me - is extremely witty and has the most hilarious and quick sense of humour and way with words. An avid Wallabies fan and vinyl collector with a serious addiction to McDonald’s chocolate frappe’s.


Bug? More like disease. 

They should call it the travel disease. It’s something I didn’t catch until two or three years ago but now something that I love to talk about - especially to my couples. Tell me all your honeymoon details! I will live vicariously through you! North America is a favourite and I’ve been lucky enough to not only go for leisure but work as well.

Ireland is next on the list!



the how and why


I began my photographic journey at a really young age. My Dad had always dabbled in photography when he was younger and growing up I remember him having a massive dusty box that lived under the bed that was filled to the brim with vintage film gear. It smelled musty and the lenses were a bit clunky but I loved getting my hands on it, the sound the shutter made and rolling out the film to see the exposed faces he had captured from years before. I loved the idea of being able to stop time like some type of wizard - just call me Hermione Granger - and have it forever. Keeping in mind I would have been about eight years old or so but this was before you could pull out your iPhone and snap photos.. we're talking pre MySpace days even.

Fast forward to present day and I now have my own box of not so dusty Nikon gear that I use everyday to create frozen moments of stories/novels for boys and girls in love. A professional third wheel and stalker of sorts if you will just minus the creepy moustache.

I'm a photographer that will happily deliver a photo of you crying with laughter and an amazing double chin (because your best friend just told the 150 guests at your reception that when you were in grade three your Mum sent you in a full blown clown costume to school because it was dress up day.. only to find out it was the following Monday) over a photo of you looking plainly and smiling at the camera. I'm a photographer who loves when a the father of the bride lets a little tear slip or the groom has to cover his face when his forever reaches the aisle because the emotion of your wedding day should be remembered. I'm a photographer who loves the fact that sometimes the most random and unexpected pictures become the most treasured of all.