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Candid, natural and documentary style Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast wedding photography. All about unique couples who are after an enjoyable experience and amazing memories.

Bonita and Joseph. 
Napier | New Zealand

This amazing wedding took place in small town on the North Island of New Zealand called Napier. The beautiful location was a picture perfect setting for the wedding of two incredible young people - Bonita & Joe. Bonnie looked 'flipping' amazing, as she would say, there are no words to describe how elegant and angelic she looked. Joe, you are one lucky guy! It was a beautiful ceremony held in the botanical gardens followed by a lively reception full of laughter and celebration. I would like to congratulate and thank both Joe and Bonita and express how truly blessed and grateful I feel for giving me the job of capturing your day. It is something I will not forget anytime soon! I am sure that you will have an amazing life together and cannot wait to see you again next time I am in New Zealand. 

Katie + Romain
Brisbane City (Rooftop Surprise Wedding!)

These two pulled off the best surprise EVER! A secret squirrel wedding. Not only was it classy and well organised but beautifully intimate. With a small group of their closest friends and family (who thought they were there to say bon voyage to the engaged couple…) on a rooftop in Brisbane city with the best brownie stack cake to ever be eaten is where they tied the knot. It was actually really exciting and nerve wracking to know that I knew what nobody else except the bride, groom, celebrant and MC knew but I think the jig was up when Katie blitzed everyone in her dress and somehow Romain had acquired a suit vest, not to mention the sudden appearance of an isle and celebrant. The way Katie nervously flicked her hair in front of her face during her vows and Romain’s expression when his wife walked down the isle was such a pleasure, privilege and joy to photograph. To the newlyweds - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Katie + Jacob

People always ask me what happens when it rains on a wedding day and I feel like from now on I’m just going to show them these photos as the answer. Katie + Jacob are extraordinary. The first contact I had from Katie came all the way from Antartica where she and Jacob were working at the time - she joked about having to wait painfully for all the photos on my website to load and I couldn’t be happier she did. 

She and Jacob work for the Bureau of Meteorology so it was somewhat poetic that just as Katie stepped out to walk down the aisle overlooking the Gold Coast the heavens opened upon everyone in a spectacular downpour. Looking through the photos whilst editing I couldn’t find one photo reflected the weather, I think the smile on Katie’s face was sunshine enough. They rolled with the punches, even after having to stop halfway through the ceremony to move it indoors but they didn’t let it bother them, they were too busy getting hitched! And they did it beautifully! I hope the photos show how much happiness and love there was throughout the entire day, you wouldn’t know most of Katie’s family didn’t speak English from the photos or that it was still raining outside, just that it was a great wedding day and night.

Before you start scrolling I just have to say a huge thank you to all the amazing vendors who also kept a cool head on the day and especially the staff at Summergrove Estate who are always so accomodating. Finally a massive thank you to Katie + Jacob for having Carmen and myself be apart of your day.. for the chocolate brownies and puppy cuddles with Missy and Bandy and overall being champions in front of the camera.. especially when I asked you to stand out in the rain, at night, in winter, on your wedding day.. as I said, you are champions! Lauren x

Kelly & Daniel
Flaxton Gardens (Sunshine Coast Hinterland)

"Once in a while,
right in the middle of an ordinary life,
love gives us a fairytale." 

I knew when I first met Kel and Dan we would get along. Not only did they share my love for all things Disney but sheer excitement about their wedding day and what the future held. Anyone that says that wedding days shouldn't be soooo emotional can come and talk to me! It is a day specifically to celebrate how much you love one other soul that coincides with yours - how can you not be emotional!? Which is why when I showed up to Kelly's prep and she was so quiet, except for when she would suddenly burst into tears over even hearing Dan's name, I knew it was going to be a great day. Surrounded by the beautiful views of the Sunshine Coast hinterland and their closest family and friends (and also their gorgeous little son they share) it was a stunner of a wedding. A kick ass ceremony, followed by a lively reception and hilarious dance-off after party - this wedding also saw a lot of people tripping over... but we won't dwell on that... scroll down... It was such a pleasure to be apart of this little bit of Kel and Dan's happily ever after. All our love xxx

Nathan + Haylee
(Victoria Park)

High school sweethearts Nathan and Haylee tied the knot just over two weeks ago at the gorrrrgeous Victoria Park golf course in Brisbane, which is soon becoming one of my favourite venues, and one I have some exciting news to share with a bit later down the track... But, right now, it's all about these two!! As I said, having met in high school over good old MSN (ahhh man.. MSN), and an exchange of a sweater, Haylee gave 'that kid with the fro' a chance and here we are years down the track, husband and wife, not to mention their adorable fur baby Milo. Keep an eye out in the photos for me and also see if you can pick which one photo was taken by a guest. To the newlyweds, thank you so much for having me and I hope you enjoy your first sneak peak.. P.S Mumma Schroder, I hope you also enjoy the photos... I made sure that their heads are visible in almost all of them. ;)