Nathan + Haylee
(Victoria Park)

High school sweethearts Nathan and Haylee tied the knot just over two weeks ago at the gorrrrgeous Victoria Park golf course in Brisbane, which is soon becoming one of my favourite venues, and one I have some exciting news to share with a bit later down the track... But, right now, it's all about these two!! As I said, having met in high school over good old MSN (ahhh man.. MSN), and an exchange of a sweater, Haylee gave 'that kid with the fro' a chance and here we are years down the track, husband and wife, not to mention their adorable fur baby Milo. Keep an eye out in the photos for me and also see if you can pick which one photo was taken by a guest. To the newlyweds, thank you so much for having me and I hope you enjoy your first sneak peak.. P.S Mumma Schroder, I hope you also enjoy the photos... I made sure that their heads are visible in almost all of them. ;)