Kim + Lauren
27th May 2016

Two beautiful people who met at work and fell in love over paperwork and tax.
When I first met these two lovely women over hot chocolate's and coffee I instantly knew their wedding would be awesome fun. Between Kim's Game of Thrones cufflinks to Lauren's 'Proud to Be' rainbow connies, every detail was tailored to them personally and done so well. When I got the initial email regarding photography from these two beautiful souls however there was one line that stuck out, "as long as you are comfortable with a same sex commitment ceremony?" I found it surprising that in this world there would possibly still be people who are against it and after spending the day with these two, I can assure everyone who is reading this that their coming together was just as true and wonderful as any other wedding day I've ever photographed - possibly more. Kim and Lauren, THANK YOU for having myself and Carmen on such a special day for you both. I think you know how much fun we had due to the fits of laughter and such. We wish you all the best for the future, now hurry up and check out your photos!!