Pine Forest Engagement | Bella + Riley





One Saturday a few weeks ago Steve and I joined Riley and Bella to adventure around the Pine Forests on the way to the Sunshine Coast.

The only problem was.. neither of us had ever been here but after finding what looked like a good spot to stop on Google Maps I sent through the exact coordinates to Bella for the shoot. Gear packed, Steve and I headed out to meet them and were pleasantly (very) surprised when Bella and Riley had beaten us there! It was then that Riley explained that she had plugged in the directions from where we live - which is The Redlands - and therefore they left forty five minutes or so too early.. ! I had to have a giggle though because it sounded like something I would totally do..

Jokes aside, these two were so sweet, the way they snuggled comfortably in front of the camera like it was something they did everyday! You could tell that their relationship isn't a boastful or loud one, but reserved and intimate which I hope really comes across in the incredibly soft photos below..

Congratulations love birds, you are gorgeous!



Lauren Olivia