Fran + Lex | Brookfield Hall Wedding



about a month before their wedding i got an email from fran asking for my opinion whether or not they should get alpacas for them and their guests to hang out with on their wedding day and if i thought it was a good idea.. my answer, of course was a massive yes!

This was the kind of email i was used to from fran in regards to their wedding planning.. her and lex didn’t let anything overwhelm them and made sure their day was exactly how they wanted it - laid back, enjoyable and personal to them.

with customised beer steins for each guest and an array of their favourite beverages on tap (it helps when the groom is a craft brew expert!), a hand made arbour by lex himself as well as homages to things they both love.. pretzels, a good story, plenty of laughs and above all else, each other it was a cracker of a day!

#flex thank you for having kylie and i be part of your kick ass day! it was without a doubt one to remember.

Lauren Olivia