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Kelly + Dan | Flaxton Gardens Wedding

I knew when I first met Kel and Dan we would get along. Not only did they share my love for all things Disney but sheer excitement about their wedding day and what the future held. Anyone that says that wedding days shouldn't be soooo emotional can come and talk to me! It is a day specifically to celebrate how much you love one other soul that coincides with yours - how can you not be emotional!? Which is why when I showed up to Kelly's prep and she was so quiet, except for when she would suddenly burst into tears over even hearing Dan's name, I knew it was going to be a great day. Surrounded by the beautiful views of the Sunshine Coast hinterland and their closest family and friends (and also their gorgeous little son they share) it was a stunner of a wedding. A kick ass ceremony, followed by a lively reception and hilarious dance-off after party - this wedding also saw a lot of people tripping over... but we won't dwell on that... scroll down... It was such a pleasure to be apart of this little bit of Kel and Dan's happily ever after. All our love xxx

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Steph + Dave | Maleny Manor (Sunshine Coast Hinterland) Wedding

(CLICK TITLE TO VIEW) The quote above is one I pinched from the father of the brides speech, because lets face it.. it's true!
 When I first met Steph and Dave I initially realised two things, Dave was terrified of being in front of the camera and secondly, Steph was not. This, however, definitely does not show through the photos as both Steph and Dave breezed through their day. Taking moments to breath it all in and not get lost in the things that didn't matter but what did and does - each other. These guys seem to be a perfect balancing act for each other, in all the right ways! Listening to speeches from their closest friends and family confirmed my theory. I have no doubt in my mind that these two have a massive and exciting future ahead of them! I also hope this preview finds them and they aren't still jet lagged from what looked like the most spectacular honeymoon ever!! (You guys know how to Europe!!) Thank you for your patience as well! But, seriously, thank you for having me stalk you both all day and choosing to relax and be yourselves - I would also like to mention that there are quite a few 'Dave's robot pose' bloopers I have up my sleeve for you Steph... figured we would leave them for the album? Juuuust kidding. Also, I'd like to thank Joe Pehrson for being a trooper and doing a wonderful job of being my second for the day!

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