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Ryan + Kylie | Cranberry Creek Gardens (Canada) Wedding

(CLICK TITLE TO VIEW) I don't like to say I have favourites but if I did, these two would be up there... Photographing a fellow photographers wedding is honour enough but being asked to photograph it in Canada is next level. I'm also lucky enough to call these two legends friends. I remember Ryan telling me he was moving back to Canada and that he had a girl he was interested in.. a childhood crush named Kylie. Let's just say I wasn't too surprised when he told me they were engaged because he had told me years prior he would marry her 'one day'. Oh, and did he ever! A beautiful venue sits somewhere between Dehli and Waterloo in Canada (I say this because I'm obviously NOT Canadian), called 'Cranberry Creek Gardens' which is where these two tied the knot. If you can't tell from the photos, it was spectacular, like I'm talking chin on floor, drooling everywhere spectacular. As always, I'll let the photos speak for me... but seriously, spectacular. To Ryan and Kylie, thank you for having us document your wedding, we love you guys. :) x

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