Kiri + Matt | Vibrant Brisbane Elegance at 'The Refinery' Wedding



If you’re a fan of come back stories.. this is the one for you!

“Scotch coloured glasses,”.. A love of patterns.. I Heart Brownies.. Cocktail party style reception with a best man who’s dance moves could rival P Swayze and bridesmaids who travelled near, far and very far as well as pin ball machines during bridal photos.. need I say more!?

Kiri and Matt are next level legends.. I’ll tell you why. Almost two months on the dot out from their wedding date I got an email from Kiri.. the subject line ‘Bit of an update’. I figured, oh, she must have some final details for me or something like that.. oh no, no, no, no.. Two months out from their wedding their original wedding venue went into liquidation forcing a minor (MAJOR) hiccup in their wedding planning! My heart just about fell out of my body as I typed all the different ways I could think of to help them with this huge disappointment but unbeknownst to me, they had their biggest fans and most incredible family members on the job and within TWO DAYS they had a venue!! Our knight in shining refinery!! The BEAAAUTIFUL owners at The Refinery in Newstead came to the rescue! And what a venue!

Above all though, Kiri and Matt, even after the cafuffle put it behind them, sent out new invites - aptly titled Wedding 2.0 - and pressed on for one of the most incredible days ever! We had to scrap our original plan for their bridal photos but I’m not going to lie.. I totally love what we did instead.. more than what we were going to do! We spent the afternoon running around the Newstead area and even went and had a sneaky drink down near the RNA showgrounds! Safe to say.. they knocked our socks off.. !!


CEREMONY // Marist College

RECEPTION // The Refinery

DRESS // Jeanette McCullough

CAKE // I Heart Brownies

VIDEOGRAPHY // Alex Battye

HAIR // Sarah Neill


BAND // Reece Freeman + Band

STYLING // Letters by Event Letters + Balloons by Fancy Schmancy

Lauren Olivia