Ever since I've know Steve he's wanted to go to two places.. Boston and Ireland. Ever since he's known me I've wanted to go to a billion but two of them being New York and Los Angeles.. let's be honest, the United States in general was always something I've had on my bucket list ever since I first started watching American movies. ANYWAY, back to Boston..

I had never really thought of Boston as being a city to visit like New York for example.. boy was I wrong!

Not too different from the Big Apple, Steve and I now reference it as the "miniature, cleaner, nicer version of New York City". WE LOVED BOSTON. SO. FLIPPIN'. MUCH! The cobbled streets, small pubs and incredibly delicious fresh sea food was something I was not expecting in my wildest dreams! It's amazing how much culture there is in such a underrated city and even though we were only there for five nights, I think we did it right!

Unlike the bigger cities in the States such as LA and NY, Boston is somewhere you are able to wake up, walk out your door and enjoy the scenery without catching a plane, train or automobile. Most of the time we spent there we spent eating actually! The restaurants are just incredible. Whilst we were on a 'Hollywood Homes' tour in LA Steve picked up the unmistakeable Peter Griffin like accent of our tour driver and once it concluded we were sure to ask where the best food was when we would eventually find ourselves in Massachusetts..

Initially when we looked into where to stay in the city, our travel agent suggested Back Bay. This is where all of the iconic and extremely scenic buildings are as well as the good restaurants which if you haven't guessed already was a key note of interest for us.. 

'The Eliot Hotel' - our home in Boston. How cute is our doorman, Frank!?

'The Eliot Hotel' - our home in Boston. How cute is our doorman, Frank!?

"You gotta go to Atlantic Fish Company and ask for the Lobster Ravioli, and when you do, come back and tell me how amazing it is.. God I miss that Lobster Ravilio.." And he wasn't wrong. I've been dreaming about that Lobster Ravioli ever since we got back and we had it three nights in a row whilst we were there!! (Good thing Boston was at the tale end of our trip because that dish, as delicious, was expensive - but worth every penny!)

Walking around the town centre and park was like someone had plopped down in Dublin town, well, that's what I imagined anyway. We even found some squirrels who joined us under the safety of a massive tree during a huge down poor. Steve and I managed to graduate with honors from Harvard whilst on holiday and have the jumpers to prove it.. We also stopped in to say a quick G'Day to the Cheers crew as well as some antique window shopping!

Little Red Door Boston

Walking around the picturesque city, the reality of what had happened there in 2013 was only evident from the many 'Boston Strong' flags that could often be seen flying from people's windows and apartment balconies.

One of the many 'Boston Strong' flags we saw flying..

One of the many 'Boston Strong' flags we saw flying..

If you're wanting a city you can happily walk around and not have to spend money on actual attractions and little to no money on transport, Boston is your man! I don't know when and I don't know how but there is no doubt we will one day go back!