Tammie + Simon | Nudgee College Wedding




I want to say that I woke up on the morning of Tammie and Simon’s Nudgee College wedding and it was a beautiful bright sunny day.. however, that would not be the truth. When I arrived at Tammie’s bridal prep, I ran in the pelting rain from my car to the front porch to find her, arms crossed, shaking her head and pointing at the obvious terrible weather. ”I’ve seen worse!” She shook her head again. “It’ll clear, don’t stress!” Which is true.. I had and I was right, just like that, right before the ceremony the sun came out and the rain stayed away for the remainder of their wedding day! *happy dance!*

Aside from the annoyance surrounding the weather, Tammie spent the entire morning without any nerves at all.. that is until she rounded the corner at Nudgee College’s beaaautiful church to the sound of ‘The Lonely Boat Song’ (if you aren’t an Outlander fan.. get onto that ASAP!) and seeing Simon.. which is when she truely lost it, as did he!

This love story actually started yeeeears ago and a long time prior to Tammie and Simon actually “dating”, they did the “just friends” thing. They did this for so long that it took possibly the best wing woman ever seen to finally get them together! A lunch date that wasn’t a date but so was a date soon turned into the real deal, an undeniable connection that, thanks to one Alison Herft, had finally been struck!

SO, after finally dating, Herfty and Simon began searching for THE RING. Now, the best part of their proposal story isn’t the fact that it was in the United States or even Disneyland.. or the fact that Simon had to sneakily get through security at the gates without tipping the future Mrs off.. or the fact that unbeknownst to her, Tammie actually spent the entire day carrying around her own engagement ring in the backpack she had on! No, no, it’s the fact that when Simon, after a full day of nerves and excitement finally plucked up the courage to ask Tammie over a romantic dinner (still at Disneyland), reached over sweetly to take Tammie’s hand and profess his love for her and tell her all the wonderful things he had planned in his head was interrupted when she, grasping his hand in return started what she thought was a lively thumb war!! Ahhhhh.. honestly, just the best. Poor guy. Anyway, he managed to finally get around to the actual proposal which received a resounding YES!

Their entire day was just so fun to be part of! Here and there was little nods to not only some Scottish heritage (note the gorgeous thistles in Tammie’s bouquet) but also to everything else they share their love for… keep an eye on the tables at the reception and you’ll see what I mean! Thank you SOOO much for having both Steve and I celebrate with you! It was a hoot and we can’t wait to see what the future brings! All of our love and huge hugs!

P.S I think we should also all raise our glass to the true superhero of this story.. wing woman of the century! ;)


Second Photographer // Carmen from On Earth Photography

Venue // Nudgee College + The Glen Hotel

Cake // Michelle Nunn

Flowers // Lush Lily

Lauren Olivia